Four years ago, while working for the local authority in Adult Social Care I sustained a life changing injury. I went from being a very active 33-year-old to being wheelchair dependent. I lost most of my feeling from the waist down and have significant nerve damage to most of the lower part of my body.

While I can deal with the changes in my life like giving up work, moving to a new adapted home, having an adapted disability car I was not expecting the social aspect of being disabled.

I love going out, I love life and food and just wanted to access the same places everyone else did. On my first night out in almost a year following my recovery, myself and my wife went to our favourite restaurant. What I didn’t expect is that I could not get my wheelchair through the door, there was no disabled access. Before my injury I gave little or no thought to disabled access and was shocked at the level of places I was now restricted to.

Because of this I started Ability Access, this blog is just the start of the journey Ability Access is going on, to raise awareness of disability access and raising issues around disability that need to be discussed both locally and nationally.

Simon Sansome

Founder and Editor