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Elon Musk bans a Grumpy Git from Twitter for inviting him onto the show to talk about disability.

The Grumpy Gits is the largest disability podcast in the world reaching over half a million viewers and audio streams online.

The show has been growing its world wide audience for almost two years with massive success, with celebrity guests and the popular segment See You Next Tuesday.

It should be noted The Grumpy Gits is not for the faint-hearted, it is a verbal assault on disability and current affairs, it does not hold back in its open honest opinions. The show is presented by TV and Film star Adam Pearson, Snowball Community founder and Journalist Simon Sansome, Disability Campaigner, SEND parents and PDA Dads founder Duncan Casburn and Chris Leasmith.

Simon Sansome, one of the Grumpy Gits and founder of the global disability app Snowball has been trying to get Elon Musks attention for a few months by tweeting the Snowball Ad and The Grumpy Gits Youtube link, Simon says ‘Elon has over 121 million followers and gets tens of thousands of messages a day, I was never expecting a reply, but you try for a laugh and see if he bites, however on this occasion I tweeted him and asked if he would like to come on The Grumpy Gits Podcast (again, not ever expecting a response) but this time my Twitter account was imminently suspended.’

An appeal was lodged by Simon straight away but he is still unable to use his personal Twitter account, Simon adds: ‘As a qualified journalist Twitter is a vital tool for work especially in the world of disability journalism.

This is not the first time Simon Sansome has been blocked by a major social media site, in 2019 Simon Facebook page Ability Access (rebranded Snowball Community) was blocked and received a worldwide apology from Facebook after he recorded a Facebook employee saying ‘disability is disturbing’.

Last week a multi awarded winning documentary called ‘Access All Areas’ was released on Amazon Prime and iTunes, about Simon and his wife Kate about their fight against disability discrimination and to raise awareness of Simons injury of Caudia Equina Syndrome.

Adam Pearson who has just finished filming a new film in New York with Emmy Nominated actor Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) said, ‘It is not surprising that Elon has banned a fellow Grumpy Git, this is the guy who has just sacked his whole Accessibility Team at Twitter making it harder for people with disabilities to access Twitter.

Simon is awaiting a reply from Twitter but at the moment his accout is permanently suspended for the invite to the show.

The Grumpy Gits next live event is at London ExCel on the 6/7th July where they are headlining Disability Expo – the worlds largest Disability Conference and tickets are free of charge just register here.

Simon did say that he has his revenge on Elon Musk as although he cannot tweet, message or comment he has blocked Elon Musk. The latest episode a Christmas special can be found here on their YouTube Channel.

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