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The grumpiest disability podcast that’s had over 4 million views. 

The Grumpy Gits

For those who are living in a hole The Grumpy Gits Podcast is the largest independent disability podcast in the world. 

Presented by soon-to-be Academy Award winning actor Adam PearsonAbility Access founder and disability campaigner Simon Sansome, PDA Dad champion Duncan Casburn and Chris Leasmith, who will come round your house and rearrange your cutlery drawer.

The podcast started a few years ago and has grown in reputation and audience, it is an X-rated verbal assault focussed on putting things right in the world of disability and current affairs. 

How it began…

Duncan and Chris are both SEND parents and started a podcast called The Grumpy Dad. Unfortunately for them nobody actually watched the show and they invited Simon onto the show as a guest to talk about Ability Access which has over 100,000 followers on social media. 

Simon was also doing a podcast called ‘While Disabled’ where he was travelling around the UK interviewing celebrities with disabilities; this included the chef Michael Caines, comedian Rosie Jones and the lovely Tanni Grey Thompson. 

The first person who appeared on ‘While Disabled’ was Adam Pearson. Following that interview Simon could not shake him or get rid of him and he’s kind of hung around for quite some time now and it seems that Simon is never going to get rid of him. 

But on a serious note, Simon and Adam became friends very quickly. Simon came up with a brilliant idea of incorporating Chris and Duncan show with Simon and Adam as a quadruple threat and came up with The Grumpy Gits

What’s different about this show is it’s not just people with disability of course Simon who is in a wheelchair Adam has a facial disfigurement but we also see the other side from Chris and Duncan who are SEND parents as they have children diagnosed with autism and we see their life from a carers point of view. 

The Grumpy Gits has gone from strength to strength he started off with about 32,000 views and now we’re hitting half million per show, it is also available on every platform now including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and all the rest, making it very accessible for everyone to listen to and watch. 

The show has had some fantastic guests on and raises some interesting topics. Guests have included Wheelchair gold medallist Aaron Phipps MBE to musician Mark Tremonti. 

The Grumpy Gits breaks the rulebook puts it in the fire and then put fireworks in the fire in just for the fun of it. 

If you want a fantastic laugh but also a serious conversation then this is a place for you. 

All The Grumpy Gits episode, found on our website below.

Home – The Grumpy Gits

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