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Disability campaigner get global launch of comic book series, ‘The disabled version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

Front Cover – Three Blind Mice

Published author and disability campaigner Simon Sansome has launched a new comic book series called ‘Three Blind Mice’

Simon who became disabled in 2014 following an accident was shocked on how little disability is represented in the media, he said: ‘Once you become disabled you try to find something to help you get thought the trauma of becoming disabled, relatable to you, but there was nothing out there and so I created my own fun comic book series’.

The story follows three characters all with different disabilities, starring tv presenter and film star Adam Person, (not Warwick Davis) and one character based on Simon being in a wheelchair.

Adam Pearson

The comic is based around Richard the 3rd who was found under Simon’s car parking space back in 2012. The story starts at the Battle of Bosworth where the Last Plantagenet King is fighting demons and monsters. Richard the third was killed at the Battle of Bosworth not before he saved the world by taking all the monsters and demons with him to hell. 

Now 500 years later he has been dug up by archelogiest in Leicester and they have unwittingly released hell upon the earth and it is up to the trio to defend the world from the newly released monsters, with gruesome fight scenes and hilarious consequences.

Simon explained; ‘Richard the third was a massive event in Leicester’s history, everyone has seen him as the evil king, I wanted to change the projection of this, for fun. The comic book is not meant to be taken seriously it is just a bit of fiction which is exciting to read’.

The comic book series is illustrated by Raquel Guerrero, it is her first time illustrating a comic book series, Raquel also designed the trailer for the Three Blind Mice Facebook page. The trailer received over 45,000 views within a few weeks of its premier.

Three Blind Mice Trailer

Simon added; ‘The comic is the equivalent to the disabled version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the Big Bang Theory, although there are some historical references that are completely accurate and about 30 Easter eggs in the comic for Harry Potter to Star Trek and Star Wars if you can find them’.

Three Blind Mice has been released digitally globally via Amazon kindle and a paper copy can be brought at ThreeBlindMice.store.  

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