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New Sci Fi comic book series puts disability front and centre.

Three Blind Mice set the stage for a new way of doing things.

Based around Richard 3rd, it tells the story of how people with disabilities can do anything and even save the world from demons and monsters running around Leicester.

Created and written by Simon Sansome and illustrated by Raquel Guerrero it shows Leicester in a light never been seen before in this genre.

The story starts 500 years ago when we see Richard 3rd as a hero, which is original in itself, and sees the king of England sucking the demons and monsters into a black hole of hell. With little dialog in the first six pages the story is told by the wonderful imagery.

500 years later we are introduce to Simons character, showing how a person with a disability gets ready in the morning from catheterising to showering and getting to work.

When Simon gets to work you see there is always confrontation being a journalist highlighting the issues of disability discrimination in the workplace and how nervous people are employing people with disabilities even though he’s a qualified journalist.

The story is actually inspired by events that have happened around Leicester. For example the moon scene in Leicester Cathedral is a display that travels round the UK and was in fact in Leicester Cathedral.

The cathedral setting is where we meet our second star Adam Pearson who has done many TV shows and films including starring with Scarlett Johannson in ‘Under the Skin’ see Pearson in a different role he normally plays which is basically Buffy the Vampire Slayer without the superhero powers as the demon killer.

Adams character has been partnered by a character called Miles Plumb who is not Warwick Davis, (we have to say this for legal reasons as Lucas films will get very upset with us) a Professor at Leicester University in the Department of Mythology who has been trying to find a link between the demons and history. They know that messages and information has been hidden throughout the centuries but are having difficulty finding the information they need to destroy the monsters once and for all.

Three Blind Mice is a cracking piece of original comic book. It tackles issue of disability discrimination, shows the fact that people with disabilities can work in any role and that a underlying tone of disability discrimination exists in today’s culture and that people with disabilities still experience this daily.

Taking aside the disability factor this is an original story brilliantly illustrated by Raquel Guerrero and creatively written by Simon Sansome and will sit alongside Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans and The Big Bang Theory.

It is hard also not to notice the Easter eggs hidden within the comic book from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Star Trek and Stargate. It almost turns in to a fun ‘Wheres Wally (or Where’s Waldo for our American friends) for sci-fi fans with a good story.

Three Blind Mice issue 1 is available to buy from http://threeblindmice.store and would highly recommend this interesting and original story.

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