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Hollywood keep on insulting the disabled community and it need to stop.

By Simon Sansome

People with disabilities have been under represented for years on TV and in film.

Getting a job in these industries has never been harder. So much so that the BBC have committed £100 million of public funds to encourage people into the industry making it easier for people with disabilities to break into film and TV roles.

‘Come As You Are’ is a patronising film, telling the story of people with disabilities trying to get laid. 

I do not have an issue with the story, the issue is the characters portrayed in the film are not disabled actors. 

There is no difference in a white actor playing a black persons on screen. It’s like having Tom Hanks playing Nelson Mandela on screen you just would not do it. 

The film industry need to wake up and employ people with disabilities to play these roles. People with disabilities have a hard enough time getting jobs let alone able bodied people pretending to be part of the disabled community. 

This is why I have stated this petition to get this film pulled.

Please sign and get this film removed from all platforms.


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