3 thoughts on “Is PIP review a waste of time?”

  1. My wife had to have her leg amputated above the knee due to a rare blood disorder, which causes her blood to clot, and has now been awarded the higher level of PIP. A review at any time in the future would be a waste of everyone’s time and money, as she will not be growing another unless they make giant inroads into the starfishes ability to regrow limbs!


  2. They received my pip end of november shes had a stroke 12 years ago her disability is not going to change. Had a face to face in February just been told got information together another 6 weeks should have renewed 4 feb so we are looking at payment middle of may in the meantime my husbands self employed so no sure if we will be entitled to anything due to virus cannot get in touch with pip unlees i die then its to f****** late does not help with my anxiety and mental state .


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