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Facebook suspends “disability is disturbing” page again.

Facebook has been accused of suspending a disability awareness page Ability Access, by disability campaigner and journalist Simon Sansome.

Ability Access is the largest most read disability page in the UK reaching up to 10 million people a month.

Simon said: “It appears Facebook are choosing what pages they want and what pages they don’t. Facebook is the best way for the disabled community to vocalise it’s opinions and issues and it appears that we are being restricted in doing this”.

Earlier this year Facebook had put out a global apology to Ability Access and the disabled community as one of its employees was recorded saying ‘disability can be seen as disturbing’.

This comments made by Facebook employee to Simon Sansome lead to worldwide media coverage and protests outside Facebook HQ in London by disability campaigners called ‘Are we distributing you Facebook?’


Simon Sansome now saying that Facebook has restricted Ability Access from sharing information about disability.

Ability Access receives on average 3 million hits a week however yesterday it was down to below 20,000. Simon believe this is down to Facebook limiting or suspending the Ability Access Facebook page.

Simon has tried to contact Facebook but has received no reply.