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Dan White – “We reach out to families not to tell sad stories but funny stories, we sit in Costa and talk about poo and wee for an hour and it’s great fun”.

TV presenter, comic book creators, disability campaigner and radio host, Dan White talks to Simon Sansome on Podcast “While Disabled’.

12 years ago Dan and his wife Aimee had a beautiful baby girl called Emily. Only to be told and given a leaflet that Emily was diagnosed with Spinal Bifida. With no support and no assistance they fight on today for better education for children with disabilities. Dan and Amiee are also ambassadors for the charity Scope.

Dan talks openly about having a daughter with a disability, what help is out there for other families in similar situations and the challenges they have faced and campaigned for as a family over the years.

Dan is appearing on BBC1 tomorrow morning following the case he helped bring to the high court regarding the governments cut to school services regarding disability services in children’s education.

Listen to his amazing and inspirational story of how a family have overcome everything life has thrown at them.

Follow link for podcast – also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audioboom and Spotify.


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