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Presenter starts petition for change in the law to make travel free for all companions.

Presenter and journalist Simon Sansome has started a petition calling for the government to introduce a new law that allows all companions to travel free of charge if they are assisting a disabled traveller.

Currently, if you are disabled and need assistance to travel via bus, plane, boat or train in the UK you have to buy two tickets, costing the disabled traveller double the normal amount than a fully abled passenger.

Places like cinemas, football stadiums, rugby stadiums, concerts and theatres all across the UK allow a companion in to their events free of charge.

Simon said: “We are one of the most advanced countries in the world and yet disabled travellers have to pay double the cost and a fully able person. Traveling is a fundamental right and not allowing a companion to travel with you is a human rights violation which the government should take seriously. In some cases it has been cheaper for me to get to Canada by plane that it is to get a train tickets from Leicester to London, how on earth is this acceptable if you have to buy two tickets at these prices”.

(Pic of Simon Sansome)

The petition is in its early stages but it is already generating support and has been retweeted by a number of celebrities with disabilities supporting the issue.

A BBC producer was recently in the news reporting that she had to pay twice the airfare on an EasyJet flight as staff would not assist her to travel due to health and safety and was not allowed to travel without a companion.

Katie Pinnick an Assistant Producer at the BBC who is a wheelchair user tweeted: “It’s either pay double or don’t fly at all. I fail to see how this is not a breach of the Equality Act.”.

To sign, share and follow the petition see link below.


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