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Tanni Grey Thompson – “Someone once asked, how did I get pregnant? I replied I had sex with my husband, they said that was disgusting, I replied you have not seen my husband I quite like him”.

The UK’s most successful Paralympian of all time talks to Simon Sansome on ‘While Disabled’ about working in the House of Lords and getting ‘Shagged’ on Countdown.

Listen to Tanni talk about choosing between Sir Steve Redgrave and Denise Lewis, what happens when she could not be presented with a the Sports Personality of the Year Award as there was no disabled access.

Tanni also talks about if she was born a few years earlier she would have been starved to death because of her disability.

She is now campaigning for better rail travel for disabled customers and supporting the black cabs access to the whole of London.

The first 11 episodes of ‘While Disabled’ is available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and AudioBoom.

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