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Michael Caines – “I saw my arm on the floor of the car while I hung upside down”.

Two Star Michelin Chef and TV personality Michael Caines talks to Simon Sansome on his podcast show “While Disabled”.

Michael talks about how he fell asleep at the wheel and lost his arm the age of 25.

He says: “I saw my arm on the floor of the car while I hung upside down”.

Talking frankly during the podcast Michael talks about being adopted, how he likes a good takeaway and who he would not open a restaurant with.

Michael explains that after loosing his dominant arm it was difficult but he found all his intellectual skills were still there he just needed to learn to become left handed, which he says is a learning process and returned to work just two weeks after is accident.

He added “I was not going to let loosing my arm define me”.

Hear Michaels story on ‘While Disabled’

The first 11 episodes of ‘While Disabled’ is available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and AudioBoom.


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