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Breaking News – Facebook backs down over ‘disability is disturbing’ comment and image of model amputee.

Special report by Simon Sansome

Facebook have sensationally backed down regarding my Facebook page Ability Access and I can now report normal services has been resumed.

Ability Access was blocked from inviting people to the page that promotes disability and services relating to disability.

In a recording a Facebook representative said: “disability was disturbing to some people” they explained that this was the reason Ability Access was blocked because of a video/image uploaded to the page over two years ago of Alton Towers crush victim Vicky Balch in a modelling shoot.

Following an investigation by the worlds largest social media organisation, Facebook issued a full apology to myself and the disabled community and advised the information provided by the representative was incorrect and would be providing extra training for its staff to make sure it would not happen again.

Since the story was published on my blog Abilityaccess.blog we have had over six million hits, over two million interaction and thousands of new followers and the story has been viewed in over 80 countries world wide.

The support I have personally received has been amazing and support for the page unbelievable.

Ability Access will now carry on promoting independence, diversity and disability.

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