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VIDEO – Take a tour with Mobiloo – disabled toilet and changing facilities for every event.

By Simon Sansome

mobiloo pic

Going to the toilet at any public event and using the portable toilets is a horrid experience at the best of times, let alone when you are disabled. At festivals it is even worse, festival organisers dig a very large pit and put metal toilets over the top. The doors don’t have locks and toilet paper is rare. At the end of the festival the organisers fill the hole back in, covering the terrible stench now coming from the cesspit.

However, Mobiloo has now changed all of that, making the toilets experience much easier, more pleasurable and most of all making festivals and events more accessible for people with disabilities.

Mobiloo say: ‘Our mission is to enable disabled people to attend any event or activity – events from which they are often excluded due to lack of adequate facilities.’

Mobiloo is a charity ran organisation that has ten portable disabled friendly toilet and showering facilities for hire. They have their own water supply and can set up shop anywhere.

The Mobiloo comes with a lift for a scooter or wheelchair, inside there is a shower, adult changing facilities and most importantly a hoist for people who are unable to transfer and it is free to use. Gone are the days when you could only stay for a few hours at an outdoor event or festival, thanks to Mobiloo.

To donate or book Mobiloo for a festival or event simply visit www.mobiloo.org.uk or call 0300 030 1255.

Matt and Mobiloo was at Chatsworth County Fair this weekend.

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