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Disabled and a student read this!

The Snowden Trust is a charity organisation that assists student or potential students with physical and sensory disabilities to access education.

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Last year, I was struggling to get my university campus in my wheelchair. Doing a journalism degree, I needed to go out and visit different places every day, doing this in a wheelchair was a struggle. I tried looking for support and just didn’t know where to turn to. I contacted the disability support team at my university who suggested I contact The Snowden Trust.

After a short conversation with the trust, I filled out an application online and emailed all the medical evidence they needed and within a few months I received a £2500 grant for a mobility scooter.

Now, I can access all of the university campus, I don’t have to worry about getting in to town, getting tired pushing myself round the shops, getting to places to report the news or up and down slops. The mobility scooter has given me freedom and also my grades have improved.

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I also get a day out at the House of Lords, to show off my scooter to the people who make the decisions and what benefits it can have on a person like myself.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of going into education or is in education to contact The Snowden Trust. They are a friendly service and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact Details

Snowdon Trust Unit 18Oakhurst Business Park Southwater West SussexRH13 9RT

Telephone 01403 732 899

Email info@snowdontrust.org

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