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£400 a night hotel and no disabled car parking!

Millennium Gloucester Hotel is a lovely hotel in central London hotel. Based in the borough of Kensington, it offers a concierge service; breakfast costing £23 and a room in December costs £360 pounds for one night stay.


The hotel has a disabled ramp at the entrance and has accessible rooms.

Like many disabled people, I don’t have a choice on how I access central London, I have to drive in. I have a number of medical issues and have a lot of equipment this includes mobility scooter, medical stuff, zimmer frame for the room, luggage and work stuff. I have little choice but to take in my mobility car, if I had a choice I would choose not to drive into London.

Previously, I have stayed at Premier Inn’s and Travelodge’s in Central London and they always had disabled car parking spaces for disabled customers. So, you can imagine my shock and disappointment when I arrived at the hotel there was no disabled car parking.

There was a hotel car park, this was in the basement costing £40 a night and the car parking spaces were so close together I could not get out of my adapted car.

At the entrance of the hotel there were about a million pounds worth of cars parked in the lobby, that had not moved for a while and were in fact parked.

The Kensington area has public disabled car parking spaces. However after speaking to Kensington council it was established you could only park for 4 hours, this was not helpful for an overnight stay.

It is a shame that a hotel with an excellent reputation, with accessible rooms and a disabled front entrance has not taken the consideration for its disabled customers and arranged disabled car parking spaces for people like me who have no choice but to drive into central London.

I hope that Millennium Gloucester and other hotels in London  will see this post and act upon it, to give repeating customers like myself just that bit more helping hand.

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