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Disabled and love cinema? Love CEA card

Like many people, I love films and love going to the cinema. When I became disabled four years ago, I was concerned what activities I was going to be able to do with my nephews and nieces. We could still have days out, but I could not go for walks in the woods, have a kick around in the garden or have water fights and so, when I found out about the CEA card, I was over the moon.

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The CEA card is a card you apply for online and allows anyone with a disability a complimentary ticket for any showing at the cinema.  It is great that I can take my family to see films they want to see without breaking the bank. Granted their caring role is mainly carrying popcorn, but as I cannot do this in my wheelchair it is very helpful. The card also gives me time to spend with my family. My nephews and nieces usually get a McDonald’s out of it is well so we have nice day out together.

I admit I have sat through some terrible children’s films, but that CEA card allows me to connect with my nephews and nieces as it give us something to talk about and something we have shared.

It also gives me and my wife a cheap night out rather than sitting in front to the TV most nights.  With our local VUE cinema now doing any film on a Monday evening for £3.99, making just two pounds each for me and my wife, to enjoy a night out at the cinema which is great for us and anyone with a CEA card.

A CEA card is £6 for a year and to apply for your CEA card click here:

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